Thursday, April 30, 2009

Preventing Falls: Resources

If you haven't read it, please take a look at today's tips to prevent falls in the post "Preventing Falls".

There are many good articles about preventing falls on the Web. I've listed the ones in which I found the information I've shared. They have good details to get you started.

Department of Health and Human Service. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Injury Center. Preventing Falls Among Older Adults. Accessed 4/30/2009.

Wright State University--Miami Valley College of Nursing and Health. Tips to Prevent Falls in the Elderly. Updated 9/16/1998. Accessed 4/30/2009.

Tremblay, KR and CE Barber. Preventing Falls in the Elderly, Consumer and Family Online Fact Sheet No.10.242. Colorado State Cooperative University Extension. Updated 6/9/04, Accessed 4/30/2009.

Health A to Z. Preventing Falls in the Elderly. Merck Source: Health Information, Pure and Simple. Published 10/18/99. Reviewed 2/3/2003. Accessed 4/30/2009.

To find more detail , in your Browser Advanced search box, use three search concepts combined with an AND:
Concept #1: Falls or Falling
Concept #2: Preventing or Prevent or Avoid or Prevention
Concept #3: Elderly or Seniors or Older Adults or Elders or Aged
Search examples: "falls and preventing and elderly"; "falling and elders and avoid"

Happy Reading!

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