Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GOTM: Go Train a Dragon

For my birthday at the end of April, I saw one of the best movies to consider for a Gift-of-the-Month--"How To Train Your Dragon". Now, I do realize that this movie has moved to second tier movie theaters by now, but if it is still in the theaters, go now! What a wonderful getaway to a far away place with a heartwarming, sophisticated tale of a young man's discovery of his full potential. It's in 3-D, but we saw it without the 3-D effect and it was still a visual delight and fun to experience. And we didn't even need to borrow children to take with us; there were plenty of unaccompanied grown-ups in the audience.

That's what a GOTM is all about. Floating in another world outside reality for a few hours. Movies are a great way to immerse yourself in an enjoyable experience and let the everyday cares go for just a while.

Don't forget the movie alternatives: renting a DVD, movies on demand on cable, movies by mail, movies on computer. If you can't make it to the theater, use an in-home alternative. But remember, your choice of film and no interruptions (turn down the lights and turn off the cell phone, just like you were in the theater!).

Have you planned your GOTM yet for May? What did you do? Was it relaxing enough to encourage you to plan for another? If you've let the month slip by, don't worry. Plan for June. It's the begnning of the summer movie season, so lots of good films arriving weekly. Check them out.

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