Friday, February 11, 2011

"Time for Ourselves" Plan - Part The Last

Have you done it? Have you arranged for care for your dependents while you take some time for yourself? For those of you whose elders are living in their own home or in a residence with assistance, Step 4 is easy. My father-in-law is living in a skilled nursing residence, so I know he's safe and cared for. But Step 4 may be the hardest for those of you who share your home with your elder. Have you hesitated in your plan thinking that it's just too much effort or that you really don't want anyone else caring or that it's been harder to get things in place than you considered?

It's all right. Continue to work through the Plan steps. Keep in front of you the vision of taking that time for yourself doing something you really enjoy. Now is when that first choice of activity you made is tested. I know I've wanted to give up or not follow through. But I love to dance! And I feel SO-o-o good after an evening of contra dancing, that I know dancing will be a lift to my spirits and will give me more energy to keep going during the week. Don't give up.

If you've been able to make those arrangements, then we're at Part The Last.

Step 5. Do the Activity.

Yeah! We get to do our activity. Everything is in place. Now we can enjoy the fruits of all our planning. In my plan, contra dancing is a Friday night activity. So I'll give you an update next week.

Blessings on your caregiving today!

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