Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Mini-Vacation List

So far, in our discovery of mini-vacations, we've talked about 8 different ways that you can take a short break throughout the day, whenever you need it. Eight ways means that you can try a different one each day for a week and see which one (or more) works best for you.

It's time to start a list.

Right now is a good time to jot down those mini-vacations that do work for you and keep that list handy. You may want to post it on your computer, in your PDA, on the refrigerator, in your parent's Care Log--all of the above and anywhere else that's easy to get to. Add to the list as you discover new ways to pause. Then when you need that break, you can whip out the list, look it over and choose a mini-vacation. Ah-h-h.

So far, here's the list:
  • Light a Candle
  • Take 3 Deep Breaths
  • Watch the Birdies Go Tweet!
  • Get a Hug
  • Is It Important?
  • Daily Calendar
  • Count Your Blessings
  • Consider the Empty Bowl

Have you found anything else that gives you a lift and helps you center yourself for the next task? Add it to the list.

And share it with us.

Blessings on your caregivng day!

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