Thursday, March 25, 2010

Read an Enjoyable Book

We've started to explore the Pause of the Day (POD), a longer break of 15 to 30 minutes during which you can redirect your attention from the cares of caregiving to something enjoyable, something for you.

You'll notice my suggestion is not a "good" book, because people often equate "good book" with high school reading lists and literature we should read. I'm advocating reading for enjoyment, not for instruction or learning. Of course, if reading a heavy tale of survival or a history text uplifts you, makes you feel good and generally lightens your spirit, then have at it. I'm a romance kind of a gal, usually mixed with science fiction, Jane Austen's world, mystery or fantasy. I read plenty of things that stimulate my mind, make me ponder, push me to think critically. For a POD, I need pleasure, emotion, the sigh of a happy ending, a reaffirmation of Goodness. What you're striving for in choosing a book is a lightening of your spirit, a release of emotion, a way to escape the real drama you face each day.

Once you've chosen a book, for your POD, read one chapter. Or set a timer and read for 30 minutes. Make a pact with yourself. No interruptions. Turn off the cell phone, go to a room where you can close the door, sit out on the porch with no company except nature. And enjoy!

Blessings on your caregiving today!

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